July 20, 2013
5 years, 8 months and 1 Day since
our Reunion.
Vikings Class of '73
Vikings Class of '73

Welcome to the Montgomery High School Class of 1973.

Take a look around; on the CLASSMATES page, Add your information so we can contact you about upcoming events - and the private "Send This Person a Message" feature can be used. Have some FUN-check out the MESSAGE BOARDS and BLOG and tell us how you REALLY feel! View photos of past events and contribute your own!

If you know ANYONE from our class, send them a link to this web site or email us so we can contact them. Thank you in advance for helping out in finding our fellow classmates. ANY little bit helps.There are people that would like to be in contact with you and our fellow classmates.

We are planning some great events and would like to keep you informed of everything that is going on. This site will be our place to find our fellow classmates and connect with each other.

MHS Class of '73
MHS Class of '73

Our 40th Class reunion is now scheduled for July 20, 2013.  We will hold our reunion at the Legends Bar and Grill located at the Bennett Valley Golf Course.


Open bar (beer, wine & soft drinks), photo booth, food, music and more .

Please RSVP, add your information to this site and get your tickets before the price goes up.

We are going to be showing a slide show at our 40th reunion. Please go to the Photo Albums page and upload some photos there. It will be fun for everyone to see both past and present photos of our class.

Visit our Facebook page at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/92218517550/
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