One of our classmates, Kathleen Steele, can use our help.

Kathleen Steele, class of 73, has been helping her children, Dannie and Ari, to fight a complicated battle against chronic Lyme disease and toxic mold-induced illness since 2001. This family has bravely faced this devastating illness and now needs a community of support. With our help, they will be strengthened and encouraged to not lose heart, and to hold onto their dreams for a vibrant future. It is our goal to assist Ari and Dannie to acquire the medical treatment they need to return to a vibrant state of health and to pursue their educational goals and aspirations. More information can be found at their website:

A number of classmates from Montgomery High School (both from the class of 73 and other classes as well) have launched a campaign to help Kathleen and her children to achieve good health so they can live a normal life. We are holding a golf tournament and picnic where the proceeds will go to support this effort.

Please help one of our beloved classmates and participate in the event. If anyone would like to get involved, please contact Glenn Pope at (707) 217-6319 or email