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Charmaine Asker ( Starks) Married 2
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Patty Hull ((Benavidez))
March 08, 1955 Facilities Planner Divorced 3
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Terry Storrs (Abney)
October 01, 1954 Self-Employed Committed Relationship 2
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Janet Angell
Attorney/Business Manager Single
Hello All

Never got married, never had kids, have met lots of interesting people over the years. Looking forward to seeing everyone in July. 

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Darcy Daugherty (Armstrong)
Profile picture
Profile picture
August 23, 1955 RN Married 1
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Debbie Ghisla (Baad)
January 29, 1955 Family nurse practitioner Married 2
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Janice Barrett
December 23, 1954 Customer Service/Traffic Cordinator Ferrari-Carano Winery Single 1
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Linda Gozzarino (Benjamin)
August 21, 1955 bookkeeper 2
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Peggy Wyle (Bennett)
Profile picture
October 20, 1955 Visual Art Teacher/Specialist, Grant Writer Married 1

I am a quilter and I raise wire fox terriers for the show ring.

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Andrew (Andie) Bennie
Government Procurement Services Married 4
Looking forward to reconnecting with many of our 73 classmates Send Andrew (Andie) a MessageSend Andrew (Andie) a Message
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