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Marty Rossi
April 21, 1955 Truckdriver Married 3
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Wayne Rowlands
Profile picture
Profile picture
December 18, 1954 Senior Financial Advisor Widowed 4
I am living in Santa Rosa. I did not go far since this is still the best place to live on planet Earth! I look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. Send Wayne a MessageSend Wayne a Message
Mark Schmaltz
January 28, 1955 Executive Married 4
Sorry I will have to miss our 40th! I hope everyone is well and I'll see you all at the next.
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Don Schmidt
February 05, 1956 Apple, Inc. Married
 Alright, alright, so I'm not part of the class of '73, but, I sure felt like it sometimes!  Call me a class crasher if you want, but I'm all in!!! :-) Send Don a MessageSend Don a Message
Karen Beaver (Schuenemann)
August 10, 1955 Retail Management Married
 Hello everyone!  I have really enjoyed seeing people's messages and profiles.  My husband and 2 dogs and I live in Southern California.  I am in Retail Management with Bed Bath and Beyond.  In my spare time  I still do a ton of photography, primarily wildlife and birds.  Who knew that Yearbook photography would inspire a lifetime passion?  Would love to hear from you!  Karen Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Lee Schwartz
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May 20, 1955 Management consultant Married 2
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Maren Miller (Scotchler)
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Loving other people Married 2
I Love living in the foothills being so close to Lake Tahoe. Very blessed and thankful for my life.
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Steve Spiegelman
August 06, 1955 Constitution attorney Married 3
 Still going after all these years Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Charmaine (Charm) Asker (Starks)
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Now Married 2
Kathleen Steele
April 08, 1955 psychotherapist Single 2
I currently live in Belmont and have a psychotherapy practice in Redwood City. I also run the social services department at Kaiser Hospital RWC. Send Kathleen a MessageSend Kathleen a Message
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