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Janet Bezzerides
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October 11, 1955 Realtor Single
Living at Table Rock Lake near Branson, fun to be back in touch! Send Janet a MessageSend Janet a Message
Roberta Robbers (Bickford)
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January 23, 1955 Veteran Certifying Official Married 3
 Great to see some familiar faces.  This will be my first reunion.  I'm retired from the US Navy and working at Truckee Meadows Community College as the veteran certifying official.  My husband, Curt, and I have been married 37 years and have 3 daughters. We've lived in Hawaii, San Diego, CA., Denver, CO., and now in Reno,NV.  I always enjoy any reason to return to wine country!! Send Roberta a MessageSend Roberta a Message
Linda Bolles (Bolles-Wofford)
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July 17, 1955 Merger & Acquisition Associate Divorced 2
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Russ Bowden
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August 16, 1955 SRJC- Manager Media Services Married 3
Ok (I lied about my birthday for security reasons) Seems so long ago. (5 Grandkids oldest is turning 18 in 2012)
I never left school still hanging out with 18 year olds but now I am the old man!
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Tom Buzzard
January 21, 1955 Married 1
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joan Acquistapace (Caine)
May 07, 1955 Registered Nurse Married
Been pretty busy the last 40 years - 5 1/2 years active duty United States Marine Corps
(SGT) - I taught electronics during this life.
Returned from Okinawa and Germany (service), went to school to become a Confuser Programmer (PC stands for "Personal confuser").  Worked for EDS (H.Ross Perot), The Walt Disney Company, and a large PVC pipe fitting manufacturer.  I speak COBOL, on the Unisys 1100-2200 series computers.
Went back to school again, this time for the RN title.  Accomplished this and BSN, PHN before running out to Florida for a Nurse Residency in the Emergency Department, then embarked on 17 years of Travel ER nursing.  Was licensed in Maine, Florida, and California.  
Did (and continue to do) a lot of volunteer work.  Spent 11 years on National Ski Patrol Systems as an Auxiliary Ski Patroller, where I was nominated for Auxiliary of the Year twice (1987 and 1991), and was presented the Runner-Up to National Auxiliary Patroller of the Year in 1987, and the National Auxiliary Patroller of the Year in 1991.  I also started working with the American Red Cross First Aid Response Teams in Los Angeles, working at the 1984 Olympics, and continuing with events such as the Tournament of Roses Parade (New Year's Rose Parade), the Hollywood Christmas Parade, Street Scene, and a multitude of other events.  I also participated in disaster responses, such as the Alta Dena quake, and multiple fire camps.  I was the senior skills instructor for the Mountaineering Oriented Advanced First Aid course for many years, and learned moulage to enhance the learning experience for the students.
I am now retired, and trying to keep up with all the things everyone thinks I have time for.  I gotta learn to say "NO!"  
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Dale Carstensen
March 22, 1955 Committed Relationship
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LeAnn Jones (Chamberlin)
March 02, 1955 banker Married 2
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Greg Clanfield
October 26, 1955 Retired Married 2
Have a great day.
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Cheri Hebblewhite (Clark)
August 16, 1955 Dental Assistant Married 2
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