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Cindy Avilla (McClure)
May 10, 1955 Legal Specialist, Sr. Married 2
Shane McClure and I have been married 39 years.  Our son is 25 and a Structural Engineering major at UCSD.  Our daughter is 23 and graduated with honors from UCI in Drama with emphasis in film and media studies.
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Mark McCollum
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August 05, 1955 Single Again 2
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George "Bob" McDermand
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September 22, 1955 President Committed Relationship
Sorry to see so many of us gone...
Especially Marco. 
My life is ordinary. Commercial pilot and instructor. Graduated Embry Riddle 2003 in Aeronautics. Credited with development of the mouspad.
Tragicaly divorced but have spent the last 29 years with a fabuous Canadian Scott named Tiffany Mills. It does not get any better than her, both in beauty and character.
Survived so far supposedly terminal cancer. Still fly looking forward to selling my business and sailing from Sausalito, the best town in the United States.
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Doug McKillop
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October 27, 1955 Restayrant owner Married 2
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Nancy Chretien (McLerran)
February 22, 1955 Proof reader, office manager Married 3
Still living in Santa Rosa with my husband of 35 years.  We have three daughters and two grandkids, ages 14 & 11, along with the usual assortment of dogs, cats and a horse named Sarah who's our lawnmower.  Life is great. Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Debbie Bardes (Moats)
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February 21, 1955 Retired! Finally! Married
Loving life down in Southern California. Semi-retired, play a lot of golf, garden, and drink lots of good wine! LOL! Have a wonderful husband ,Tracy and our Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier (Terror!), Winston. Ventura County is as close as I could come to my love for Sonoma County, we have been here for 20 years now (since I retired from the airline industry in 1996).

Family is still in Santa Rosa, so I do visit often!

Thanks to all that set up this website! Hoping to see you all at the reunion!
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Terri Triacca (Murphy)
July 23, 1955 HR Manager Widowed 2
Helene Martin (Murray)
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April 10, 1955 unemployed (Ophthalmic Assist) Married 1
Hi everyone,

After having lived in the Bay Area and Texas for the past 22 years, I moved back to Santa Rosa in 2009. 

Many thanks to Wayne for creating this GREAT website and to Glenn for keeping me up to date on our most current class events.



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Nancy Nazarian (NazarianCarroll)
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August 11, 1955 Teacher Divorced 1
Hi everyone ~
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Terry Olesen
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Psychologist/Researcher/Mens&Boys Health Married
Terry's Update on 26-Dec-13 (Perth, W. Australia): It was really nice to meet many of you at Bennett Valley last July 2013 for our 40th Reunion...I renewed a couple of friendships and invite others to contact me here in Australia.  It's a lovely place scenically. It's been really interesting living in the Asia-Pacific-Islands region. Best email: .  Kind regards,
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